Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This is Autumn, the time of year when I give up completely on trying to straighten my hair and just let it be the unruly mess of curls that it is. When checkered scarves and woollen hats reappear. When fluffy socks and jumpers become my second skin. 

The world around me is rapidly changing. Leaves have changed from the vibrant greens of summer to rustic autumnal shades of red,orange and brown.

Mornings are crisp and not as bright as before. I wrap up in comfy layers and feel the fallen leaves crunch beneath my feet as I walk to the bus stop. 

I feel deeply content - a feeling I have not known for over a year. I cherish this feeling, using it's comfort to push myself to try and do new things. 

I am at once surrounded by both familiar, loving faces and new and friendly ones. 

Days are spent immersing myself in a new college and soaking up all that surrounds me. 

Nights are filled with laughter and friends or snuggled up with a book and a coziness that only comes with the colder months. 

This is Autumn and I revel in it. 


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  1. Great pictures and lovely blog i will be looking again:)


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