Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello lovelies! 
As some of you may know, my best friend is attending college in London and so as part of my Christmas present from my parents I went to visit her for a week. Myself and another friend flew back with her on the 4th of January as she was back in college on the 6th.

As you may know my mom is English and therefore England is pretty much a second home.Meaning London is nothing new to me and I wasn't really too excited about going to London itself more so about visiting my friend. But the friend that came with us had never been to England before let alone London! And I soon began to realise that this made the trip so much more enjoyable for me as I guided her around the city, seeing it almost as if for the first time again. 

We visited every part of London, and at every place I saw or noticed something I had never seen before. 
People busily toing and froing as the Christmas season came to an end, towering buildings of new and old, beautiful Christmas decorations offering the last of their magic for the year, the madness of the winter sales and everything else that London is that can't be put in to words.

It all felt brand new and I gave in fully to the feeling of being a tourist in a country I basically grew up in! It was strangely freeing to allow myself to see things I've seen countless times, but in a whole new way! 


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