Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New York

Adventure comes in two ways.

The first being the kind you work tirelessly for

An adventure you chase with all that you have and are.

The second is rather different.

It is the adventure that falls into your unsuspecting lap

It grabs you by the hand and whisks you away. 

For some however, us lucky few, our adventures stem from a beautiful mixture of the two. 

Diving into a world unknown

Saying goodbye to any and all comfort.

I leave behind the tranquility of Ireland for the hectic, bustling streets of New York. 

All around me, people are filled with an energy I have never before witnessed. 

An energy I yearn to share. 

Fear and anxiety steal my breath each day.

Doubt creeps through my bones. 

Yet, I never knew I could feel alive like this. 


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