Sunday, June 17, 2018

Millennial Homemaking

Moving - I've done a lot of it lately.
I always joke that I'm not built to stay in one place too long, and recently I have taken that approach to life to a whole new level.
I left my family home in Ireland to live with some of my closest friends in the Bronx, and now live on the Upper West Side with people I had barely met before. All within the space of two months.

Each place has a different sense to it. I'm still me, but have felt drastically different in each space; which I don't believe is a bad thing at all. Each move and new home has brought with it challenges, surprises, highs and lows, which have ultimately forced me to tap into my own strength and self awareness. I am finding the depth of my comfort levels, something I feel I have never done before.
For most of my life I have tried to push past the zone of comfort, to do the things that scare me because they are often times the best steps I have taken in life. Don't get me wrong, I am still pushing those boundaries every day, but I have realized the importance of having a sense of security and sanctuary in the place I call home. Here are just a few of the most valuable lessons that have helped me find and create my own safe havens:

Make it mine - I don't know whether this is something that was drilled in to me as a child by my mother, or whether I just have a fear of creased clothes, but UNPACK your suitcases or boxes as soon as humanly possible. Having clothes hung up in a closet and the usual occupants of your bedside table readily available is honestly priceless. If you can, go one step further and replicate a certain atmosphere in your new place. For me this means bright, airy, soft furnishings and warm (preferably fairy) lights, a stack of books somewhere, and photographs of my loved ones. For you it could be a poster of your favourite band, or that quilt your grandmother made you. Whatever makes you feel like you've put your signature print on a place, and so long as it doesn't threaten your deposit, do it.

Invite friends over - For me, my home has always been a meeting place. Somewhere that my friends could gather, a place where we could either sit with endless cups of tea chatting or call a safe harbour after a night filled with too much wine. While your roommate situation may affect the latter scenario, having my favourite people occupy my space is just as important as decorating to me. Perhaps this is a massive sign that I am in fact the Monica of my group, but being able to host guests, for me at least, proves that I feel a sense of comfort in my home.

Plant roots and grow - This point could take on all sorts of deeper meanings, especially if you're better at meditating or sitting still for more than five minutes than I am. But for me, this step is often far more simple. What better proof of your comfort and stability in a place than being able to grow and improve. In my case, this means cooking. Finding a new recipe and perfecting it, rather than repeatedly turning to old, reliable dishes meal after meal. Not only will this serve me now, to broaden my cooking horizons. But also when I have left this space; each time I make that meal I will be reminded of this time in my life. The textures and aromas of the ingredients will transport me back to this kitchen, to this apartment, to this city. With each home I add to my growing diary of tastes and smells, a private collection of memories.



  1. I loved reading this :) I can relate to what you're saying too, because I've been moving a lot myself over the last few years. And I'm set to move AGAIN next month. Also, I'm the same about needing to unpack everything right away. I just feel really unsettled and stressed if I don't!

    Sneha |

    1. Thank you! Best of luck with your upcoming move ✨

  2. Your bedroom looks awesome. I love all the plants.


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