Monday, November 28, 2016

She roams

I have a gypsy soul and a travellers spirit 
I have wandered this planet of ours for as long as I can remember

I crave the feeling of an aeroplane leaving the tarmac and breaching the clouds 
I hunger for distant landscapes and foreign climates 
I yearn for the taste of new foods and the sound of new languages 

My being is scattered over this earth 
I have found refuge and comfort in every country I have visited 
But it is not buildings or places that house my heart 
It is the people I love 

It is often painful 
Homesickness for a place can be torture 
But homesickness for a person is unbearable 

But lucky are we 
Who have the fortune to miss people 
Who have the luxury of loving others so deeply that at times not being with them can physically hurt 

When I feel like my heart is being pulled over oceans and seas 
I remember that I am built up from all corners of this globe 
The pain is temporary 
The reunion hug will be worth it 
The love is permanent 


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