Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A love letter to Germany

Dear Deutschland, 

Do you mind if I call you Germany? 
I think it would save us both the embarrassment of my butchering your name 
Even if your people don't seem to mind my feeble attempts at pronunciation 
I am rather lacking in the language department 
(Irish doesn't get you very far outside our island.) 
But speaking of your people, 
Not only does your blood run through the veins of some of my own most loved 
The inhabitants of your lands have shown nothing but 
friendship, understanding, and welcome
Giving any 'Irish charm' a run for it's money. 

I fell in love with you three years ago.
The treacherous beauty of your mountains
The comfort of your rolling hills and 
Th calming running of your rivers 
Could not have found a more perfect marriage 
than with your ornate metropoles. 
From the intricate details of Munich Rathaus or the meticulous murals on a home in Bavaria to the fairytale castles of Neushwanstein. 
Your landscapes are limitless. 

My brother excitedly proclaimed as our plane bounced onto your soil 
"This is a land for meat lovers"
Yet, my dear Germany, you have surprised me. 
Although you boast an assortment of wursts and schinken 
My little vegetarian tummy, so prepared to be deprived, has never been so full and content. 
I have been filled 20 times over with your various carb heavy delights. 
And although your Weiss beer may be the drink of choice for most of your visitors, my father and brother included, quenching their pretzels induced thirst 
It is your heiße schokolade that truly tickles my drinking fancies
I'm unashamed to admit I had at least two mugfuls each day.

I spent most of my time on this trip surrounded by your mountains. 
We watched with twinkling eyes as the sun set them ablaze 
Reds and oranges erupting across the usual lush greens 
A final show each day before night came and the sky was light by stars 
Leaving only the silhouettes of mountains in the dark. 

Every morning I was woken by chickens, or the sound of the local marching band. 
Breakfast was gobbled surrounded by wildflowers 
Daily adventures of lakes, islands, and old towns quickly filled my camera's memory 
Not wanting to waste a moment of all you have to offer, 
We squeezed as much exploration into each day as possible. 
Sleep came easy every evening. 

Germany, I have left you now.
But I am not too far away, simply over the border in neighbouring Austria.
Germany, you may feel that my heart is fleeting 
That I yearn for new places too easily 
That the adoration professed in this letter will too easily transfer to my newest location. 
But Germany, this trip has only deepened my love 
and I know that I will be back again soon. 

Until then, I raise my glass (okay it's a mug of heiße schokolade) and say Prost! 

Danke schön. 


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